Tri-Parish Orthopedic & Neurosurgical Institute Mission Statement

surgens-300Our goal at Tri-Parish Orthopedic & Neurosurgical Institute (TONI) is to bring individualized, compassionate care to our patients through multidiscipline, fellowship-trained surgeons in a family atmosphere.

In our ever-changing healthcare environment, there can be significant confusion regarding the best way or place to seek specialty care.  At TONI, we help to simplify the dilemma by integrating surgical disciplines.  In our practice, we strive to take the best of both neurosurgical and orthopedic philosophies to forge the future of healthcare in realizing comprehensive spine care today.

In the complex health care market, there are many strategies used in advertising and marketing to attract patients.  A select few can advertise that their spine specialty centers have both orthopedic and neurological surgeons.  Fewer can say all of their physicians are fellowship trained spine surgeons from premier academic institutes.  Even fewer establishments offer the fusion of both disciplines from clinical evaluation, surgical treatment, and postoperative care.  TONI is that unique opportunity having neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons collaborating clinically and surgically.

We admit that the unique relationship of father (neurosurgeon) and son (orthopedic surgeon) is conducive to co-operation, but most importantly our patients reap the benefits by having a spine fellowship trained neurosurgeon and a spine fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon performing their surgical procedures as a true team.